How shoppers seek inspiration and look for products

Shoppers want inspiration
Most shoppers look for inspiration online and searching for products is considered convenient and easy. Amazon is well on its way to becoming the starting place for shoppers, but word of mouth still has an influence.

Ease, speed and range of products make searching online convenient. Yet the experience could improve with inspiration.

Which of the following words do you associate with looking for products online?

Convenient, easy, wide variety and speed are some of the benefits on shopping online. If your store doesn't offer these, you're likely to miss out on sales.

Room for webshop improvement
Though only a small number consider searching online as being boring, frustrating and risky, it shows there’s still room for improvement. Most online shoppers are tech savvy and know what’s what. But the webshop experience should be in continuous development to keep up with shoppers' demands.

As creatures of habit, most shoppers know exactly which webshop to go to to search for a product. But inspiration is desired no matter where the search begins.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statements?

I often search for products online, but rarely buy anything

Though shoppers may not buy every time, they’re often on the lookout for new products. Retailers must be continuously present to stay top of mind.

I often look for inspiration online about which products to buy

Inspiration is everywhere. And the majority of shoppers are always ready and looking for it. If you don't offer any inspiration, you'll fall far behind the competition.

I often go directly to a webshop when I want to be inspired about new products to buy

As creatures of habit, shoppers often have a favorite store to go to. They'll use that store as their first point of call to see what new products are available, gather information and research price.

I often go directly to a webshop when I am going to buy a product online

Just like finding new products, shoppers will return to their favorite stores to buy.

I often look at products online to pass time

Shoppers with a favorite store and a keen interest in its products, consider browsing the store a hobby. They will regularly return just to have something to look at.

I often research products in stores (to find inspiration, touch and try) but buy online

Shopping in-store has become more of an experience than an everyday part of life. With online shopping being so convenient, we mostly only go to a store if we need something instantly or to enjoy ourselves and take the time to look around. However, with online being the place to get the best deals, some shoppers prefer to try in-store but buy online.

I often find inspiration about products online but buy in stores (offline)

On the other hand, online can be the best place to start the shopping journey. There are so many resources and webshops out there that can be used to gather information and inspiration, but for immediate relief, some shoppers prefer to buy in-store.

Shoppers stick to what they know
Shoppers look to the stores they know first. If you as a retailer can become a preferred place to shop, the only thing you'll have to compete on is price. But with browsing becoming more of a hobby to pass the time, shoppers are always on the lookout for anything new.

Amazon is the go-to place for inspiration for most shoppers. Whilst that may be surprising, its range of products, competitive price and fast delivery will always top the functional inspiration scale.

From which of the following places do you get inspiration about new products to buy?

Amazon comes out top as the leading place for online inspiration. It's wide range of products means it's become the Google of the online shopping world. Yet recommendations from friends and family, YouTube and catalogs also rank high when it comes to product discovery.

Online channels beat the in-store browsing experience across all search behaviors as Amazon and Google battle for top spot.

Which of the following do you use for what purpose?

Find inspiration about products to buy

Search for products you would like to buy

Compare product prices

Read about product specifications

Find brands that sell a specific product

Buy a product

Amazon can be beaten
Amazon is incredibly efficient at functional inspiration. With such a variety of products, fast delivery and competitive pricing, it’s no surprise Amazon takes the top spot. But Amazon doesn’t appeal to emotions.

There are no captivating product visuals that tell a story. There’s no experience designed around the products to build desire, lust and necessity. Retailers today can easily beat Amazon by focusing on emotional inspiration.

Almost all shoppers prefer to browse and get inspiration from the comfort of their own homes.

Where do you prefer to browse and buy online?

Unsurprisingly shoppers prefer to research and buy from home. Despite webshops being at their fingertips wherever they go, shoppers enjoy buying from the comfort of their own home.

"Amazon is the biggest store on the internet. But personally I don't think Amazon is inspirational. They have all the products you can dream of, and they're very good at the transactional and logistic aspects of ecommerce. But all the parts in the middle, like curating in depth product reviews, demos, how-to’s and so on. They’re not good at that."
Hannu Vangsgaard, Digital Acceleration Consultant

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